Relationship Therapy

You’re ready to explore the next phase of your relationship by adding another partner or spouse.  It takes intention, awareness, and support to do that effectively.  I help people who are interested expanding their partnerships through ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, and open relationships and how to do so in a way that feels good for everyone involved.

Sex Positivity

No matter who or how you love, we’ve all got some stuff around sex. If you’re looking for a therapist who is open, accepting, and understands the complexities, shame, secretiveness, and oppression that can come from sexual expression that falls outside the mainstream, you’re in the right place.

Individual Therapy

You feel stuck, misunderstood, or alone. We have our stuff come up that makes it difficult connecting with ourselves. It may cause a rift in our relationship with others. I can support you through your journey of writing and re-writing your story as we explore the corners of your world.

Hmong and English Speaking Therapist ∞ LGBTQIA+ ∞ Spirituality ∞ Geeky Therapist ∞ Prepare/ENRICH certified ∞ MFT mentorship ∞ Mental Health consultation